The Pink Society, or Anamorphosis, is the Her Story of Júlia Végh.

Reading the title alone is enough to sense that the viewer will be facing some form of transformation, distortion through the latest artworks of the artist, where subjectivity – the relationship of the remembering self and the self – comes to light through historical past. Due to her age, Végh was only able to experience the chaotic process of the Hungarian change of regime secondhand, nonetheless, her most recent works revisit the eerie historical period that took place a century ago. In her new series, one is able to reconsider historic events of the past, through the rephrased and embellished imprints, where the monumental symbols evoke a period considered as departed. However, with the artistic toolkit of the Avant-garde, Végh presents a time period where a faint shred of memory can be found. The aggressive colour of red is replaced by pink, and through recolouring – where the iterative forms, and motif structures are transformed – the shredded memories of the historical past are able to take on a new meaning.