You the Living

The series of collage portraits created in 2018, are a set of paintings made with a mixed-technique that focus on one of Nietzsche’s basic assumptions: ’Have
the Saint’s of our times gone missing?’ Within 12 pieces, Júlia Végh depicts the portraits of prominent politicians in a grotesque way, breaking down their image
and personas to the point of being unrecognizable. The series deals with a complex issue apparent in today’s society, where the artist’s goal is to overthrow
the norms set by society. Dissociation is apparent in Végh’s works, with the abstract paintings presenting ‘holy’ and ‘profane’ ideological and aesthetic
contradictions: Can the saintly and the politician be one, how can the recognizable and the broken co-exist, furthermore, can the concept of ‘beautiful’ and
‘not beautiful’ exist together?