Hungarian artist Júlia Végh was born in 1990 in Budapest, Hungary, and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in 2016. During her degree, she studied abroad in Spain at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

Art prizes Végh has won include ‘The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?‘ Art Prize (2018), initiated by the Institute for Art and Innovation (Berlin, Germany); the ESSL Art Award CEE (2015); and she was also awarded the Art Prize of the Barcsay Jenő Foundation of
Fine Art (2014) and the prestigious scholarship of the Barcsay Award (2012).

Végh’s artwork has been selected to be included in various collections, including the Hamu és Gyémánt Collection (2018), Kepesita Art Collection (2015), the Imago Mundi Collection by Luciano Benetton (Italy, 2015) and the prestigious art collections of both Unicredit Bank (2014) and OTP Bank (2013).

Group exhibitions include those organized by ESSL Museum (Klosterneuburg), Rochester Contemporary Art Center (New York), Whiteconcept Gallery (Berlin), Brody Studios (London) and Art Market Budapest (Budapest). Júlia lives and works in Budapest.