29.10.2021. – 09.11.2020.
ADY25 GALLERY and Exhibition Space, Budapest, Hungary

MOON GARDEN – Group show
Opening on October 29th at 6pm in Ady25 Gallery and Exhibition Space ARTISTS: Bea Kusovszky, Dáriusz Gwizdala, Júlia Végh

Opening speech by Lívia Takács
MOON GARDEN group exhibition introduces three artists, Bea Kusovszky, Júlia Végh and Dariusz Gwizdala who created their own inner gardens. Their art is slowly constructed, an everyday ritual. It is like living in Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain: the characteristic world woven from their dreams leads us to a distant, unreal, timeless landscape where we forget about time but time does not forget about us. Fleeing from the hopelessness of life, cut off from the world, they built an imaginary castle around themselves, a castle of peace and tranquility. But full moon is coming.

JÚLIA VÉGH’s works depict the dynamism of remembrance and continuously re-interpret everyday situations. Her mysterious underwater landscapes lit by the moonlight are like as if bygone lost souls were looking at us through the mirror of the water. Emphasis is placed on coincidence, which composes seemingly distant elements into one given frame of space and time. With the free associations achieved with her brushstrokes and collages, relying on her personal, deep inner needs and bringing unconscious thoughts to the surface, her images become dreamlike and personal. The dynamic memory selects freely, composing a new, bold, fictional narrative, in homage to the world of Surrealism.

Refinement, cleaniness, thoughtfulness and serenity are the main characteristics of BEA KUSOVSZKY’s latest paintings, at this time without actors. Harmony and distancing are reflected in them at the same time. The composition and the use of color radiates peace, but this is just the surface, as her images actually reflect on our new, alienating, isolated, digital world. Her paintings give us the impression as if one could look inside a large house or a castle that exists in a distant world, or only in a dream, and through the open windows and doors we can see others’ feelings inside … Due to the use of materials, colors are also distorted and we cannot always be completely sure which color we see. Very often a color is made up of several layers. Due to the optical color mixing, our eyes finally put together from the combination of two colors, stacking on top of each other, what color the result will be. However, looking at a painting in the dark is completely different than in light, as it glows in the dark and has silver in it. Bea Kusovszky admires the glittering light on the gray, metallic objects, which becomes a rainbow. All of this can be best seen on a CD: the colors moving in perspective towards a center, starting from a center.

DÁRIUSZ GWIZDALA’s organically evolving magical proliferation of floral compositions weaves space and time in a horror vacui way. Due to his psychedelic world of color the artworks seem like as if they were details of an alternative reality of a film, a fairy tale, or a comic, even though we see real, found objects. They are like a dream of a child’s paradise world never coming, in contrast to reality, where everything is disillusioned and gray. The quietly contemplative roamings and spending more time in nature inspired him to think about how important is our immediate environment and how much new spectrum our wildlife has. He would like to show the variety of nature and the dramatic energies inherent in it. One of his main activities is flower hunting, therefore he confronts us with the ideal of Barbizon artists: return to nature. His works are shaped by time. The composition formed by the arrangement of flowers taken one after the other is created by nature itself. It captures the perfect imprint of the picking process, and over time the work of art itself is constantly changing.

On view till November 12th
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 1pm to 5.30pm or at another time agreed in advance. Mobile: +36/30/9383-027
Ady25 Gallery and Exhibition Space,
1022 Budapest, Ady Endre utca 25.