20.11.2019. – 20.12.2019.
ARI KUPSUS GALLERY – Budapest, Hungary






The Ari Kupsus gallery cordially invite You and your partner to the Exhibition Opening of works by Júlia Végh on November 20th, 2019, at 6pm.


The art piece “Twisted Hightlight / Tronada” was inspired by actual events: On the 1st of May, 2019 nature’s ultimate windstorm – the tornado – forcefully appeared in Transylvania. The short-lived, rapidly dissipating tornado which gained momentum in the Carpathian Basin was an unusual natural occurrence, serving as the basis of Végh’s artwork. The sheer size and strength of the tornado at 90km/h, raises questions regarding destruction and survival, and the aesthetic qualities of beauty, and nature and the sublime (John Dennis). Inspired by the catastrophe, the painting depicts the formidable, irregular form, and the pervasive, all-encompassing (Joseph Addison) rotating column of air. “Twisted Highlight” just like thunder (tronada), simultaneously transforms into the sublime and beautiful. During the actual event, the tornado swept off the road a bus carrying pilgrims, and tore off the roof of 16 houses, and by doing so, blurring the boundaries of the sky and the earth, where intertwined with nature, the boundaries are no longer perceptible or separable, creating tension within us upon viewing the artwork. Through the painting, we are able to face the all-consuming beauty of devastating adversity, that resonates with mankind, who believing in itself and its own power, placed the ego above God (moreover, in the place of God) but is still unable to control nature. However, through Végh’s artwork, standing in front of the tornado, and also due to the size of the image, we are still able to attain closeness to the all-pervading beauty, majesty and magnificence of nature.