My works depict the dynamism of remembrance and continuously re-interpret everyday situations. I emphasize the incidence, which composes seemingly distant elements into one given frame of space and time. Representing the reminiscent ego, the images become dreamlike and personal. The dynamic memory selects freely, composing a new, fictional narrative world, like in Surrealism. Beyond free association by photomontage and collage, my recurrent sources of inspiration are motifs and materials. Works that come into being this way reflect Central European situations in a studiously personal and ironic manner. These works start from the images of news coming from my actual surroundings. Then I paint the protagonists of photos I collected onto this layer to rewrite the real news into fictional narrative situations by the collage technique. Dynamic memory, confronting and composing real/unreal, experience/non- experience, has a significant role in creating these works. During this process I reflect on the press also, by creating my own liberty of press in these works. Parallel and reverse time horizons meet in a visual way, within the transparent layers of the photo film just like in the ancient palimpsestus. By fusing these layers, collage works become fictional images, summaries of our social existence.